Want a Ta Cave in

Tempted by a Lifetime Apero? Feel like being a founder of your own bar? Show us you’re interested!

Interested? Let us know!

Once we’ve reunited 1000 interested people, we’ll launch a crowdfunding campaign.

3 steps for a new venue

Ta Cave is a community bar, financed by crowdfunding. Founders get free apéro, every day, for life!


Let us know!

Once we've reunited 1000 interested people, we'll launch a crowdfunding campaign.


Become a

During the crowdfunding campaign, you'll be able to order your funder's pass for 250.- and get free apéro... For life!



Once the bar is opened, come and get your free apéro, everyday, for life!

What's Ta Cave?

First Swiss bar funded by a community

As a funder, you’ll receive everyday a free apéro, for life: one glass a day, for you and a friend and for a lifetime! This is true not only in your Ta Cave, but in all other Ta Cave too! There is a maximum number of funders of 2000 per bar.

A meeting point for the community

Ta Cave is a wonderful community, people who created their own bar.
It’s also open to everyone wanting to meet new people. Bankers, bakers, designers, students…Whatever their age, their job, their gender: epicureans get together at Ta Cave.

Finest products

Every month, in addition to the regular wine menu, a special focus on a wine producer or a region is made. Yannick transmits his passion by revealing authentic and original wines, while Guillaume presents paired culinary creations. An guaranteed travel for your taste buds!


What if we don't make it?

There is little chance that Ta Cave doesn't make it in Basel. That being said, if so, you will get a full refund!

What if I'm a founder in Lausanne or Geneva?

Alors Zürich sera également ton Stamm. En tant que membre fondateur de Lausanne ou Genève, tu auras également droit à l'apéro à vie à Zürich. Si t'as participé à Zürich, tu auras partout - dans les Ta Cave existants et les futurs.

What if there aren't 1000 people interested?

Pretty sad, right? Well, seems that Ta Cave doesn't match in that area. We'll try again, but if we can't find 1000 people, we won't launch a crowdfunding session.

What's a Lifetime Apero?

One glass of wine a day, for you and your friend, for life! Of course, no plonk - only good wine!